Building a Business

September 17, 2007

This is my first in hopefully a long series of posts over many of years.  Hi!  I’m Chris and I’m one of three, excited and motivated founders of The three of us all plan on contributing a ton of blog posts.  I’m going to focus more on the startup aspect of a new business.  I hope to let everyone in on the nitty gritty, the successes and failures, that are all part of building what we plan on becoming a fantastically successful business.  The other two guys, which I’ll let each of them introduce themselves on their own, will probably be focusing more on cars and perhaps building a successful site on Ruby on Rails.  We hope to appeal to a wide audience….car geeks, code geeks, and startup geeks.  Hopefully you fall into one of those categories.

 I’ll definitely bring you up to speed on more of our past in future posts, but I’m sure you’d love to know where we are TODAY. 

 We’ve started selling cars.   Yes we have and we’re thrilled about it.  The three of us came up with this idea a while ago and have been spending most of our hours fleshing out the details for this business.  While lots of businesses sound good, its amazing to put in all the hard work that goes into getting a business off the ground, actually opening the doors to our online dealership and then have REAL customers buy vehicles from us.  Of course, we assumed that people would have to buy cars right?  We figured out a way to deliver vehicles to our customers for several thousand and sometimes over $10,000 in savings….so why wouldn’t they buy from us?  Well we weren’t quite that naive.  We realized that buying a car online is a major thing.  For one, cars are expensive, people often have to have financing in place, how do you know if a vehicle is a good buy or not?  And most importantly who/what is anyways, and can I trust these guys?  Obviously these are all issues that we’ve begun to or have tackled and we’ll continue to deal with going forward.  But I’m proud to say that we’ve completed several sales to date and we’re confident that as people grow more confident with us and become more familiar with the way our business model works that they won’t be able to pass on the used car deals found on our site.  Yes, we feel that they’re just that good.

So I’m excited to end this first blog post.  I’ll try and leave a story or update on our business every few days to keep you all informed.  I’ve been motivated by a high level of blogging from such startup blog pros as Brad Feld, Fred Wilson, and Michael Arrington and I hope to develop a highly readable and entertaing blog in the fashion that they’ve managed to establish.


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