Happy Customer Gets Her Car

August 5, 2007

We’re happy to report that a customer just got her car. She had contacted us a few weeks ago looking for an older (’01/’02) BMW or Lexus. During her search there were quite a few very promising cars – she was surprised at all of the cars she could afford; her budget was roughly $16k, with a preference for imported cars, the newer, the better.

After looking for a week, including a couple 3 series, GS 300s, Camrys, Accords, and a bunch of other cars, she finally settled upon the Jetta. She was in Austin and the car was in Phoenix. Like most people, she was a little hesitant about buying a car without test driving it first, but the inspection report and return policy helped assuage her fears. She made the decision to buy the car. She sent us the money and we purchased the car for her.

We arranged transportation, and aside from a little hickup – the driver’s truck broke down in San Antonio – the car arrived safe and sound. She said the car was actually in better condition than described with more options than she thought it would have. I’ve been assured she’s very happy with the car and sent a few pictures for us to see!

Happy Customer By Her New Car

Jetta Off The Truck

Car on Auto Transport


2 Responses to “Happy Customer Gets Her Car”

  1. hello Says:

    cool pic of cars on truck…i like the black on the top row 🙂

  2. hello Says:

    anybody know what kind of car that is on bottom right?

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