New Product Updates

July 16, 2007

If you came to the site a couple of weeks ago you probably noticed there were only about 200 cars, we made a few changes and now there are over 2,000 cars! Everyday we see that number grow and we will continue to look for inventory to the add to the site. You can check everyday and see how many cars we added if you’re really curious.

We also changed the way pricing is displayed. Before, we only showed the total price and if you wanted to see the price break out you had to click “Explain this price”. Now, the price is always broken out. You’ll notice that the Evenlevel fee now says $749 instead of $999, that’s because we put the auction buy fee in the price of the car, instead of in the Evenlevel fee. We think this  more accurately shows the price of the car.

Finally, to help consumers who are concerned about shipping, we added a simple way to figure out how much shipping will cost. Enter your zip code on the vehicle detail page and Evenlevel will automatically calculate the cost of shipping and include it in the total purchase price. Evenlevel has good relationships with several auto transport companies and we can help out with shipping.

More product updates to come soon!


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