Response to Rip-Offs Abound

July 12, 2007

The Truth About Cars has a little post today about trusting dealers, and more importantly, getting ripped off. Most Americans have a love affair with cars: childhood road trips, teen age experiences, speed, fun, and a little envy. It’s unfortunate that most dealerships have managed to pervert a natural affinity for cars into one of the most awful retail experiences a consumer has. Only in the car industry is someone that is about to spend $20,000 treated so poorly.

Compare car shopping to buying clothes at Nordstrom’s, the return policy of Costco, or any other retail company that goes out of their way to make people happy. It’s baffling, the difference in experience. I think it comes down to a few key areas:

  • The dealer knows more about the condition of the car and the purchase price than the customer
  • Everyone that goes to a dealership gets a different price, and we always compare our purchase price to our friends, and if we paid more, we feel bad.
  • I’m not sure if only certain types of people go into car sales, or training programs just turn good people into sales people, but sales people expect the process to be difficult, and I think they make it difficult.

At Evenlevel, we are working to change the experience. We display all of the car information up front, our purchase price, the car condition, and we charge a standard amount across every car. We also expect to treat every customer as our best customer, to be as helpful as possible, and deliver the best experience.


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