Mazda Changing Up the Buying Experience

July 12, 2007

Autoblog and DealerRefresh both have two posts about Mazda changing up the way consumers can buy Mazdas. Instead of haggling with a sales person on the lot, they can go through the Mazda website and have a sales assistant help them in the process. I think this is a great idea; of course the execution is what’s important.

Consumers can go on the website, configure a car, and then work with the assistant to arrange the price and options. As one astute commenter pointed out, this doesn’t take out the hassle of working on monthly payments, trade in, et cetera, but it is a step in a right direction.

Most people dread the face time with a sales person, so cutting out this step is likely to make the process more pleasant for consumers. It’ll be interesting to see how this experiment works out, and how dealers respond.


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