The Evenlevel Business Model

July 11, 2007

All businesses exist to make money, so you might want to know how we make money. Evenlevel shows retail customers cars currently available in dealer auctions and let you buy them from us. Actually, the wholesale marketed is a little more sophisticated these days; there are several websites that are the equivalent of eBay Motors for dealers. Those websites include:

  • OVE: Manheim, one of the largest companies in the wholesale market (also known as remarketing), owns OVE. Cox Enterprise, of Cox cable, actually owns Manheim. OVE has a marketplace that let’s dealers and other wholesale sellers, like rental car companies, list cars for sale to be purchased by dealers.
  • ATCOnlane
  • GMAC SmartAuction: A few years ago, GMAC, the financial company that lends money to buy GMs, started an online marketplace for GM dealers to use. Dealers could list GM cars for sale for other GM dealers to buy. SmartAuction eventually opened up, letting dealers list non-GM cars, and eventually allowing non-GM Dealers to use the service.

 These companies, and a few others, are the source of our cars, so the cars you see, and the prices you see, are the same cars and prices that other dealers see. We show you the auction ‘Buy It Now’ price that we would pay to purchase the car, and then we include the $250 auction buy fee, the fee the auction charges us to buy the car, and our $749 fee. Every car price is the ‘Buy It Now’ price plus $999. That’s it, no more, no less.

 When you’re ready to purchase a car, let us know, we will help arrange the details, purchase the car and have it shipped to your door – simple, easy, and transparent. We’re aiming for a completely new buying experience; feel free to let us know how we are doing.


Viva La Revolucion! 


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