No Questions Asked Return Policy

July 11, 2007

One of the big concerns customers have with us is trust; customers want to know if they can trust a new company, or even if they can trust the car. What happens if they don’t like the car once they get it? We’ve thrown around a few ideas, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually change things. Buying a car is an emotional purchase, it’s the second biggest purchase the average person makes in their life, and they usually live with the decision for 5 years, so we understand the concern.

We have a return policy, but it’s not ‘no questions asked’. At this early stage of our company, we’re afraid that if someone buys a car and returns it, it’ll be awhile before we make up the hit. Instead, we ask people to get a couple of inspections prior to having the car delivered, this makes sure that the car is as described, and if it’s not, we can help them get their money back. Finally, if they get the car, and do not like it, we offer to help resell the car. These cars are usually thousands of dollars under the market average, so our belief is that people can actually make money reselling.

Seth’s post on the honor system , though, points out the value of a no questions asked return policy, certainly some of our competitors do it. Something to consider going forward, I know it would help allay customer concerns.


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