Fueling The Revolution

July 10, 2007

Embarking on a journey to change an industry, it’s obvious there are going to be a lot of setbacks. People are habituated to respond to dealers in certain ways: distrust, resentment, and a little fear. Add those emotions with a completely new concept, and it’s clear that people will have a hard time adopting Evenlevel. Of course, potential customers aren’t going to be the only ones likely to Evenlevel.

Dealers enjoy a privileged perch with sole access to millions of high quality cars every year, and its doubtful they’ll give that up without a fight. The automobile industry is one of the largest retail sectors of the economy, generating nearly $800 billion in sales every year. That’s a lot of cash and a lot clout to protect their interests.

It will take a lot of motivation to power through the months and years ahead, but fortunately there are some powerful feelings behind what we are doing. As a group we grew up in a generation that believes in its own ability to make a positive impact, our sense of individualism makes us believe that one person can make a difference, but working as a group produces the best changes. We also view corporations as entities with the potential to be a positive force.

The policies an enterprise adopts can significantly affect the rest of that industry. We’ve had various experiences with the auto industry, some good, some bad, but we recognize the need and ability for improvement. By creating a completely different buying experience, one that more closely resembles a standard purchase: trust in the seller, comfort with the process, and equal information we hope to change the industry for everyone.

Viva La Revolucion! 


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