Driving The Revolution

July 10, 2007

This is an opening salvo, a shot across the bow, of the car industry. For too long dealers have abused consumers from their legally protected position as the sole purveyor of cars to the public, they have wielded their influece to gain leverage over the consumer, to drive up prices, and to make the car buying experience as unpleasant as possible. Evenlevel is fighting back!


We, at Evenlevel, believe in the fundamental rights of the consumer to be treated with respect and to get a good deal. Evenlevel is fighting against the abuse of asymmetric information that dealers possess: knowing the car purchase price, the car condition, and the car history. We believe this information should be available to all, that the consumer should know as much about the car as the selling dealer.


We intend to liberate that information, display it to the consumer, and make the entire process transparent. By making the process more transparent, we will make the process more efficient, and drive down the cost of the car for the consumer.


Our mission is to revolutionize the car industry, to shed light into this murky industry, to make the process more transparent and efficient, and in doing so, drive down the cost for the consumer.


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